Stylist Extraordinaire


Josh_2The Lakelander loves community. We strive to reflect our city and its diversity, to incite pride of place, and to reveal lesser known facets of our community. We connect people, resources, and ideas. We’re aspirational yet approachable, sophisticated but homegrown. We dig deeper. And we aren’t afraid of a little grit.
We believe in the culture of our city. We believe that one of our best assets is the talented and inspiring individuals who call Lakeland home. We believe that this city is better because of the people who choose to live here.
Making an issue of The Lakelander is a labor of love. It takes a community of contributors working hard because they believe in this city as much as we do. In the coming months, we will highlight one of our very special contributors in each issue so you, the reader, can get to know the true makers of the magic behind this publication and get to know some fellow Lakelanders a little better in the process.
Joshua Vasquez began his career in the arts at a young age. He grew up attending art schools, majoring in music performance for violin as well as the visual arts. He studied communications at Southeastern University for a bit and went on to study cosmetology before becoming a fully licensed cosmetologist in 2013. Since then, Josh has been seamlessly fusing these worlds together. He believes that hair can communicate a personality, set a mood, and tell a story. He thrives in getting it just right for his clients.
In his free time, Josh can often be found styling photo shoots for The Lakelander, promoting his favorite products (including Lanza), or collaborating with other industry professionals. He is a master events host, and is the catalyst for bringing edgy and progressive shows to his small Florida community. Josh enjoys live music, time well spent with friends and family, a good glass of wine, and being as fun-loving as possible.
When asked why he chooses to live, work, and play in Lakeland, Josh told us:

I find it funny that people always ask why I don’t leave Lakeland to go prosper in New York or L.A. or any other place that has a ‘stronger’ culture. But I absolutely love the direction
this town is going in, which is one of the reasons I can’t leave. I enjoy being part of things that are progressive and barrier breaking — like me, an everyday creative. Being featured and appreciated in this magazine for my art and my contributions to this community… I don’t think that this magazine would have existed when I first moved here 15 years ago, and if it did I don’t think they’d have featured a guy with pink hair. This fact alone shows me that Lakeland can grow in culture and creativity. So, to answer the question, I’m staying in Lakeland because I want to be the change and help as much as I can to make this town into the next stop on the map for the world to see.

Josh currently coifs hair at Evolve Hair Studio, 126 E. Main
Street, Lakeland, FL 33801; 863.510.5975;