This year, the Brew Hub team brought home the Gold Medal for Matte Black at the Best Florida Beer Brewer’s Ball 2019.

Matte Black is a Brew Hub and Concord Coffee collaboration. The black lager/Schwarzbier was developed by Brew Hub and is infused with Concord Coffee cold brew.

“[Concord’s] Guatemalan coffee is cold brewed to preserve the delicate and nuanced flavors of that varietal. This imparts a rich, yet delicate roast to the smooth, velvety texture of the Schwarzbier, a German black lager. These two brews engage in an elegant and subtle dance, swaying with one another on your palate. They are deep on color, full on flavor, and light in body. Be it life, coffee, or beer, it all comes down to how you make it and how you take it.” –

Best Florida Beer is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 by craft beer lovers and brewers in the Tampa Bay area. They sponsor two major competitions for the state of Florida that determine both the best commercial beer made and sold in the state and the best Florida homebrew.