In recent years, Lakeland has welcomed some incredible homegrown businesses that chose this city as their base and inspiration. These businesses enlarge our identity as a community, add to our flavor, and change the way we eat, shop, work, and live as a city. To celebrate the crafted goods these entrepreneurs create, The Lakelander proudly presents its sixth year of Lakelander Made.

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Local floral designers Uli & Co. offer beautifully handcrafted centerpieces and floral arrangements for every occasion. In addition, Uli & Co. recently launched new services to meet a variety of event design needs.

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Based out of Lakeland, Tres Leones Cigar Company provides premium handmade cigars from the Esteli and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua. The owners, Henry and Jacob, named the company Tres Leones, meaning “three lions,” setting out to create a business they would be proud to leave their sons. They carefully select and craft each blend, made from high-quality tobacco leaves. Their cigars are sold at local smoke shops and lounges.

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3. HANDMADE PENS BY Custom Creations Woodworking

Custom Creations Woodworking specializes in custom-made products using wood and acrylic, including fountain pens. They utilize truly unique and authentic materials such as Bethlehem olive wood trimmings. Bethlehem olive wood is derived from trees that are centuries old in Bethlehem, where it is illegal to cut down these trees, allowing only the use of trimmings.

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Every plant mom loves a new green leafy guy for her house! My Happy Plants sells affordable houseplants through Etsy, available for delivery or local pick-up, based in Lakeland. From smaller plants like prayer plants and pothos to larger ones such as fiddle leaf figs and Monstera, My Happy Plants grows a variety of rare and common plants that will bring a smile to your face and color to your home.

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Sentiment Co. is a local shop breathing new life into vintage, antique, and retro furniture by restoring them and inspiring a fresh perspective and approach to interior design. Owner, Carissa Kim Pintello Sundberg, explains, “I want to educate others in appreciation for antiques, timeless style, and historical influence.” | @sentimentcompany

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3. The Henderson Entry Table BY JAYNE WOODCRAFT

Jayne Woodcraft is a small custom handcrafted furniture and design company based in Central Florida. They design statement pieces inspired by Scandinavian modernism and Japanese minimalism. Their versatility is evident in their custom projects, aimed at creating pieces personalized for their customers’ homes. The furniture is all built with lumber from a locally sourced saw mill. In addition to a variety of finishing options and design details, they give careful attention to every step of the building process.

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Food & Drink


Mi Casita Verde is a Nicaraguan food business owned by Giovanna Favilli. From savory foods like carne desmechada to sweets like tres leches, their modern street food is sure to satisfy any Lakelander. Their homemade kombucha and hot sauce can be ordered online for local pick-up. Mi Casita Verde has collaborated with Vicky G’s and other local catering companies, in addition to having pop-ups at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market.


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2. Spice Blends by One Good Knife

One Good Knife Spices makes chef-crafted spice blends, currently numbering at 15 different blends. They are preservative-free, contain no fillers, and packaged in eco-friendly bags. Based in Davenport, Avni Tilvawala began One Good Knife Spices with the goal to bring fresh, high-quality spices to people’s homes. In addition to the savory flavor that spices add to a dish, they also have health benefits. One Good Knife Spices can be found at the Lakeland and Celebration farmers markets.

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3. Pastries by Beril Nar

Beril Nar bakes French handcrafted pastries that are sold in The Market at Cafe Zuppina | Coffee & Dessert Shop, owned by her mother. Nar initially sourced her pastries from a French bakery in Tampa. After being connected with a French pastry chef and doing an apprenticeship, Nar began crafting and perfecting the French sweets from her own kitchen. Although Nar had never planned to have a career in baking, she enjoys working with her family and plans to continue her baking journey.

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Previous Vanguard Room recording artist, Bela Pierce, has released two singles this year: “New Ground” and “Lying.” Pierce has a dynamic and pop-infused sound making her music popular and recognized by reputable music industry press and professionals.


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Emily Pavlik is a small-batch potter rooted in Lakeland, drawing from earthly and eclectic styles with a modern appeal. She is inspired by nature and her heritage, applying practicality to the pieces she designs. From textured vases to plant “pot heads,” each piece is unique and versatile in its use. Pottery by Emily Pavlik can be found at local pop-up markets.


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3. MUSIC BY Lakeland Lofi

Lakeland Lofi is original Lofi music made by Lakeland artists, founded by Deek Beats, a rising beat maker within the Global lofi/beat music community. Their music is played on consistent rotation at local businesses, including Hillcrest Coffee and The Joinery.