In recent years, Lakeland has welcomed some incredible homegrown businesses that chose this city as their base and inspiration. These businesses enlarge our identity as a community, add to our flavor, and change the way we eat, shop, work, and live as a city. To celebrate the crafted goods these entrepreneurs create, The Lakelander proudly presents its fifth year of Lakelander Made.

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Lakeland’s flower dreams have come true through the “funky fresh blooms” offered by Bloom Shakalaka. After years of making arrange- ments at Ashton Events, Bloom Shakalaka owner, Laura Helm, caved to the requests of her clients and started an artisan flower shop specializing in daily blooms. These creative floral arrangements are available to order online utilizing their bloom menu, and they will also have a storefront located at The Joinery, Lakeland’s newest 12,000-square-foot food hall.




This past fall, Farmer Will and Robyn Wilson launched their first cookbook, Farmer Will: The Cookbook. Wilson is a long-time Lakelander, foodie, entrepreneur, and frequent Taste contributor to The Lakelander. Farmer Will (Crum) is known for his organic produce and Lakeland- based farm. Compiled and written by Wilson, the spiral-bound cookbook includes more 40 recipes, many of which are inspired by Wilson’s upbringing and are now enjoyed regularly out at Crum’s farm. The book also includes farming tips and simple ways to add organic ingredients to dishes, all accompanied with music suggestions.




Jes Lewis crafts vibrant and custom, handmade clay earrings all from home. Lewis bakes, hand cuts, and assembles each piece. Believing that a gorgeous accessory should be easily accessible, Lewis is passionate about creating jewelry that reminds those wearing it that they are worthy of feeling beautiful despite not being able to afford big-brand designs. JesHausMade earrings are not only stunning but also super lightweight and comfortable. | @jeshaus


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Coffee Table

Florida native and craftsman Keith Williams is the face and founder of 4th Dimension Art & Fabrication. He creates sustainable custom home decor, lawn and garden pieces, sculptures, and personalized gifts. A particular piece of his art, a giant metal dragon installed on Dixieland Alley, has found a permanent home, bringing a little more magic to Lakeland. | @4thdimensionfab

Side Table

Brooke Wilson is an interior designer with a mid-century, bohe-mian style. As a stay-at-home mom, she realized the impact of creating an environment where people can come and relax in a space that feels like their own. Wilson now uses her own creative abilities to help other people discover their own personal style. | @brookemwilson_

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Food & Drink



With a passion for making a difference in the lives of small coffee farmers, Ethos Roasters roasts specialty craft coffee from the best ethically sourced coffee beans. They pride themselves in providing high-quality coffee beans that are shipped directly to the customers’ doorsteps — immediately after roasting! What sets Ethos Roasters apart, though, is their belief that quality coffee can support the people who grow it and provide a business model that rewards quality and sustainability.

Organic Beverages

Krazy Kombucha serves up the finest ingredients in their live probiotic teas. Their kombuchas come in an array of flavors, including ginger, mango, berry, and organic strawberry — and, of course, their signature Krazy Kombucha made with organic cultures of bacteria and yeast (called a SCOBY) and blended with organic oolong, China black gunpowder green, and white peony teas, and then sweetened with organic cane sugar. A few of the local spots they can be found at include the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market, and on tap at Swan Brewing, Lakeland CBD Wellness, and Good Thyme.


Signature Baked Goods

Stuffed Lakeland is taking the guesswork out of dinner. Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, Stuffed Lakeland’s savory, ready-to-bake pies and pan dinners are delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps. Their pies are delivered fresh and uncooked so they can enjoyed at any time — all the deliciousness with none of the prep work. Their popular Traditional Pie is a creamy chicken pot pie filled with all-white-meat chicken, fresh vegetables, and red potatoes. Stuffed Lakeland offers an array of flavor combos but is open to suggestions on their website. | @stuffedlakeland

American Style Briskets

Blue Dog Craft Barbecue is a meat-lover’s dream. Owned by Max Miller, Blue Dog offers a variety of barbecued items, including smoked meat like brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork, and sausage. In addition to their barbecued items, they also offer sides like macaroni and cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, collard greens, beans, fire-roasted chile creamed corn, kale salad, and cucumber salad. Finish off the meal with one of their dessert selections, including cookies, banana puddings, and tres leche cake. Blue Dog Craft Barbecue can be found weekly at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market. | @bluedogcraftbarbecue

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Original Paintings

Jason DeMeo is an interdisciplinary artist that creates eclectic paintings with bold color, composition, and emotion. His unique creations are a fresh addition to the Lakeland art scene. His unique perspective on canvas is influenced by artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, and Franz Kline. | @jaspace_______



The Imaginary Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe

In 2009, Rebecca Kirkland discovered one of Dwight MacPherson’s comics in a local comic book shop, a discovery that brought the couple together. Almost 10 years later, this husband-and-wife duo created Hocus Pocus Comics, fueled by their passion for the value of comic books in education. The independent publishing company strives to create timeless tales that equip readers inside and outside of the classroom.


Fine Art & Prints

Recent college graduate Gaby Escalera has taken Lakeland by storm with her variety of physical and digital art. Her art is available in various local pop-ups, most notably The Shop Across The Street, a vintage relics shop located in Dixieland. Escalera plans to open her own storefront complete with a collection of prints and postcards. | @gabysartgallery



Van Plating Album

Throughout 2019, Rachel Van Plating has released multiple sin- gles. Van Plating’s music makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another world full of pain, love, healing, and growth, fully immersing you in her folk pop melodies. She showcased her new album with a concert hosted at Yard on mass. The album is now available to stream on all music platforms.