Southgate Starbucks opened its doors today. The interior features a modern, industrial, bright, and airy design with large windows, high ceilings, a wrap-around drive-through, and plenty of parking to handle peak hours and large volume.
One of our favorite features in the Southgate Starbucks is the mural designed by local artist Josh (Bump) Galleta. Josh (Bump) shares his inspiration for the project and the process from beginning to end.
The Lakelander:How did you get connected to commission this project at the new Starbucks’ location?
Josh (Bump) Galleta: About a year or so ago someone from Starbucks named James Grainger was visiting family here in Lakeland and he bought several of my pieces from me at one of the Haus 820 Markets that I was set up at. He took it back to the Creative Designers of Starbucks in Seattle and showed them my work. A decision was made that they wanted to hire me for some work on a local store. So for the last 7-8 months I have been working with Starbucks’ design department on my design for the wall art / mural and installation in the new Southgate Starbucks location. Definitely a bucket-list illustration job!

The Lakelander:Tell us a bit about the piece. What was your inspiration for it? How do you feel that it adds to the new space? 

Josh (Bump) Galleta: Starbucks told me they loved my “Love People” piece, which was going to be the original design. But we worked it out for me to create something new. The illustration needed to tell the story of coffee; Lakeland, Florida; and community. We went through several rounds of ideas and revisions. We came up with the official piece “Love Coffee” which had a feel of the “Love People” piece but also added plants, local birds, coffee plants, and beans. Everything was hand drawn in the whole process. My inspiration was from our town and community. I wanted to represent Lakeland the best I could for this important project.

The piece helps make our new Starbucks at Southgate have a local feel and touch. To work with such a big company that understands how being local can be important … it was an honor to do this.

The Lakelander:What are your thoughts on the new Starbucks’ location?

Josh (Bump) Galleta: I live very close to the old location, a minute walk away. But it was always a frustration to get in there due to the smallness of the lot. Hardly any parking. The new location is huge and just a little farther away. More people will enjoy it. I also love the Southgate arch in the background standing tall. Very iconic.

The Lakelander: How has the opportunity added to your journey as an illustrator/artist? 

Josh (Bump) Galleta: I have been doing my illustration for a while now, and you make your wishlist or dream projects. Starbucks was one of those. I got my break from hustling and putting myself out there. It’s hard — a lot of work, long hours — but I have a family to provide for and that is my motivation. Nothing happens overnight or because of how well you do social media. It’s from dedication, loving what you do, turning out original work, and being a nice person.

“I’m so thankful for my family, my close friends, and the support of our town.” – Josh (Bump) Galletta