Wild and woodsy floral trends

photography by Tina Sargeant
arranged by Laura Helm and Heather Taylor
prop stylist: Lisa Malott of WISH Vintage Rentals W

Claude Monet once said, “More than anything, I must have flowers always, always!” For eight years, through high school and college, I lived and breathed flowers while I worked at a small, but widely respected, flower shop. After school, during summer and winter vacations, I spent my days arranging bouquets and corsages, tying bows on pews, and delivering the beauty, color, and romance that fresh flowers bring to any occasion, especially a wedding.

That was the 1990s. The florals we see today carry a much different tune. Gone are the days of tightly gathered and sculpted bouquets. Now, brides seek loose, organic, free-flowing shapes that inspire whimsy and delight. This season’s florals take a cue from the current color trends that “transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves” (pantone.com). Ribbons will continue to add their personality to bouquets. Subtle hues in rose and peach will play with bold greens and yellows, and wild, woodsy arrangements filled with seasonal blooms will abound.

Here, two local floral geniuses beautifully translate these trends and show us just how delightful florals can be.

Monochromatic, cascade-style bridal bouquets make sweeping impressions. This bouquet is designed with white garden roses, lysimachia, French tulips, leucadendron, and assorted greenery. ARRANGED BY HEATHER TAYLOR

This ideal Southern bouquet (tied with raw silk ribbon from Adorn) is filled with peonies, tulips, limonium, spray roses, Queen Anne’s lace, antirrhinum, lisianthus, and spirea.

Ideal for a lively, garden-style bridal bouquet and perfect for an outdoor wedding, this arrangement is filled with lilacs, gerbera daisies, protea, boronia heather, blue thistle, and assorted greenery. ARRANGED BY HEATHER TAYLOR

A kaleidoscope of color and texture, this modern, colorful bouquet features Coral Charm peonies, copper roses, butterfly ranunculus, rose hips, coxcomb, and clematis.