Updated: 10/23 11:00pm

With almost 300,000 views, Jennifer Jimenez a friend of Southeastern University students goes viral on Instagram (@jenniferxjimenez).

Last week, Jennifer Jimenez a Central Florida vocalist with over 9,000 followers on Instagram was visiting a few Southeastern University friends including SEU vocalist Fabian Duenas. Jennifer posted a video of herself and Fabian Duenas (@woah.fabian) on Instagram Reels showing off her impressive vocal range, the video received 140k views 2,867 likes. 

It didn’t end there, @YouBettaSing posted Jennifer’s video on their Instagram feed and the video received another 150,000 views and 39,334 likes. The popular account @YouBettaSing has 248,000 followers and is dedicated to featuring popular artists and impressive vocalists on social media. Even celebrity vocal coach @steviemackey seemed impressed and commented on the video!

Although Jennifer is not a Southeastern student, we can all agree there is something special about Lakeland and its people. 
Jennifer says, “Glory to God. The reason I was [at Southeastern] was because the Lord opened a door for me to become the soprano gospel choir leader at SEU! Fabian [Duenas] is the main [student] leader of the Choir Club.“

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First reel 💖 THE BLESSING @woah.fabian @isaacandrade.23 #worship #anointed #singersongwriter #godisgood @codycarnes @karijobe

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