Illustration by Gaby Escalera

A tour of downtown Lakeland’s finest delicacies, with a side of humor

“I feel as though everyone loves food, because you either love it or you hate yourself three times out of a day,” says Nate Fleming, founder of Lakeland’s novel food tour agency, which opened in March.

Lkld Food Tours provides those passionate about delicious food or those eager to discover downtown Lakeland’s charming past to conquer both within one idyllic day. It builds mealtime into a dazzling experience — beginning with a slice of steaming pizza from Palace Pizza and ending with a light latte or tea from Black & Brew. A total of five restaurants await guests’ appetites as they eat their way through Palace Pizza, Frescos, Mojo Federal, Café Roti, and Black & Brew (with plenty of walking fit in between for good measure and sightseeing).

“I explain gastronomy when we visit Frescos, which is the idea that food is more than something you routinely do. There’s an art and science to mixing flavors. The idea that specialized people out there are artists when it comes to food creation drives me to uncover meals that taste really good and, when I find them, I want to share it with people,” says Fleming.

Throughout this downtown foodie escapade, you will not only become an enthusiast of Lakeland’s historic landscape, but also of your comedic host, Nate Fleming.

“I get people locked in for over two hours, and I just get to perform for them essentially while they indulge,” says Fleming who also presents monthly with his sideline stand-up company, Swan City Improv.

Whether you’re planning a memorable getaway with visiting family, or just want to go out on a date day with your friends or partner, this tour will reform your perspective of Lakeland and all the beautiful eateries that make it feel more like home.

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