Chase Wagner, former SEU Worship Director and current Grace City Creative Pastor, connected with Pastor Banning Liebscher on Twitter a few years ago when Banning tweeted and complimented the production of the SEU Worship albums, with Chase Wagner as the director of those albums.

Last September, Grace City Church, located on 730 S. Florida Avenue, released its first live EP, Living With a Fire. The EP has five to six songs, with the main song titled “Living With a Fire.”

A few months after the song release, Banning reached out to Chase saying how much the Jesus Culture team loved the “Living With a Fire” song, and he wanted to do a cover of it. Chase then flew out to California to watch them record the song live at their conference, and shortly thereafter Jesus Culture decided that they would call their record “Living With a Fire.”

“They rolled out the record with the same branding as we did; their album color is the same color as ours. It was cool. They showed a lot of love, and now their whole tour is called Living With a Fire,” says Chase.

Chase Wagner and Bobby Walker, the Music Director at Grace City, wrote the original “Living With a Fire” song, and both receive credit in Jesus Culture’s album for the song.

“At Southeastern we had thousands of dollars to make a live record, and at Grace City it was recorded in the mothers’ room/nursery with a couple hundred dollars, so it was cool for that to happen and for God to honor that,” says Chase.

Coming in the fall of 2018, Grace City’s Lakeside Campus will house a recording studio for the team to keep producing music. 

Pastor Banning Liebscher is the founder of Jesus Culture, a ministry of worship, events, and leadership development. Jesus Culture originated out of the Jesus Culture movement which began in 1999. They recorded their first album in 2005 at their youth and young adult conference in Redding, CA. Since then, Jesus Culture has released nine annual live albums and over 20 solo artist albums.