Pairing the perfect wedding jewelry to complement your bridal look

Vintage Touches

Much like when designing a room, any outfit (or décor) is going to be even more interesting and well-rounded with a vintage piece or two thrown in. And, between our local Etsy marketplace and stores like Pumpernaks and 360 Unlimited, there’s no, well, limit to the timeless pieces you can find to accessorize your big day, from clutches to cufflinks. Here are a few of our favorite spots for hunting.

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This iconic spot on South Florida Avenue is more than costumes and retro accessories. It’s also a great place to source the kind of special pieces you’ll be able to pass down. A recent visit revealed a selection of beaded cardigans from the 1950s (for those chilly winter wedding send-offs).

911 South Florida



Open only on Saturdays, this downtown hole-in-the-wall packs a punch with an overflowing selection of odds and ends. Check here for delicate vintage fascinators with millinery flowers and netting.

201 Traders Alley



An opal brooch, a dainty pearl bracelet, a vintage Samsonite luggage set — the selection of wedding accessories from our local Etsy retailers spans decades and design styles. Translation: There’s a little something for everyone. (Sparrow & Whistle, Vivian’s Girl, and Nik’s Thrifty Treasures)


Bling Things

When it comes to jewelry, Lakeland couples are all about tradition, says Taylor Saunders of Gaines Jewelers. In her 13 years in the business, there’s been only one true shift in preference — and a pop star may be to blame.

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Ever since Justin Bieber got engaged, Saunders says, oval-shaped diamonds, like the one he bought Hailey Baldwin, have come back “in full force.” Part of the appeal, she suspects, is that it’s a shape that makes the diamond appear bigger.



As far as diamonds go, Lakeland couples are becoming more and more interested in lab-grown and conflict-free diamonds. Saunders says Gaines works to educate its customers but doesn’t encourage lab-grown stones as they don’t hold a lot of resale value.



While rose gold is gaining steam nationally, and interest in yellow gold has picked up locally over the last three years, Saunders says white gold still reigns supreme in our area. “It’s just classic,” she says.