Last week, Catapult held its Launch Pitch Night event.

Launch provides micro-grants up to $10,000 to help Lakeland’s entrepreneurs take their business concept to the next level. The micro-grant is led and funded by local financial institutions and the community.

Congratulations to this round of recipients and their businesses!

Poly students:

Jordan Douglass: SynapCare- $2,500
A cloud-based platform designed to track a user’s brain waves to make detection and monitoring of mental illnesses readily available to both patients and mental health professionals.

Bruce Hicks: Combat Innovation- $2,500
Automatic release tourniquet technology sewn into the uniforms of military personnel upon detection of an injury.

Andre Ripley + John Sarnecky- Instalist – $2,500
A device that captures, scans, and lists items for digital selling in under 30 seconds.

Catapult Member:

Benjamin Vickers: Honeycomb Bread – $10,250 ($250-Audience Choice)
A bakery focused on providing Lakelanders with a local source of hand-crafted bread and pastry.