Honeycomb Bread Bakers just announced Lakeland’s first organic flour miller.

Honeycomb Bread’s new line of premium flours is milled from organic heirloom wheat grown in the United States. The flour is milled to-order, meaning you get the freshest, most nutrient-dense and flavorful product possible.

Grocery store flours can sit in warehouses for weeks or months before getting to the customer.

“We are literally milling the flour on the same day you receive your order. We do this to preserve all of the natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, flavors, and aroma that get lost when flour gets bleached and aged. Our flour is not only organic, but the wheat is heirloom, and it is fresh,” says Benjamin Vickers.

Customers can purchase Honeycomb Bread’s Organic Flour through their website (www.honeycombbread.com). Bread Club members will receive free shipping and special discounts on Honeycomb Bread’s Organic Flour starting mid-June.

Honeycomb will offer five different varieties of flours ranging from whole wheat, all-purpose, bread flower, rye flower, and cake flower. These flours can be used in the exact same way people would use their conventional flour.

Honeycomb Bread is also offering to mill ancient grains and whole oats for customers upon request.