The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce is giving businesses the tools they need to communicate to customers the level of COVID-19 precautions they’re taking.

Many customers want to know what to expect so they can anticipate how a business has chosen to serve its clients before they arrive. The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Bill Mutz believe it’s all about CHOICES — businesses make safety precaution choices, and customers make safety precaution choices. These choices will help restore the economy at the healthiest and safest pace possible.

Three different precaution levels exist and follow healthcare guidelines.

  • Green represents “Primary Precautions
  • Blue represents “Increased Precautions
  • Magenta represents “Comprehensive Precautions”

Businesses may provide supplemental information for other services they also choose to provide, which can further enhance customer understanding of choices. These options include features such as curbside service, outside seating, online ordering, taking customer temperature checks, or even separate areas for two different levels of precautions.

Participating businesses will be given a digital toolkit that includes a colored swan poster to download and place at their entry and a simple logo to post on the business’ website/social media. The swan poster/logo color will reflect the precaution level used by that business.

“We highly recommend businesses participate in this unique Consumer Choices initiative as a strategic means to accelerate sales to enhance consumer confidence. Your company’s participation reflects the corporate concern for the community’s disparate needs while also advancing an optimal pace of reopening Lakeland as safely as possible. Any business with a Lakeland mailing address is welcome to participate!”

– Lakeland Chamber of Commerce

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