In recent years, Lakeland has welcomed some incredible homegrown businesses that chose this city as their base and inspiration. These businesses enlarge our identity as a community, add to our flavor, and change the way we eat, shop, work, and live as a city.  To celebrate this visionary culture, The Lakelander proudly presents its 4th Annual Lakelander Made. 

In this special edition of The Lakelander, we will highlight and celebrate these quality products.

Only we need your help to make this project a success!  Who are the local artists, entrepreneurs, and makers that inspire you? What are the businesses that deserve to be recognized for their fine craftsmanship, fine products, and contributions to Lakeland’s creative repertoire?

Submit your candidate (even nominate yourself) by reviewing the criteria below and submitting the nomination form that follows.

Our editorial team will base their selections on the following criteria:

• Innovative product and creativity
• Customer value

• Quality of product
• Level of craftsmanship

• Unique design aesthetic
• Visual appeal of product packaging and logo

Embodiment of Lakelander Made theme
• Designed and conceptualized by a Lakeland-based business
• Engagement of local community

Complete form below:

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