Local blacksmith Alex Eisenberg is about to make his appearance on network television tonight on the History channel’s Forged in Fire series.

“It was definitely an interesting experience into how the TV industry works,” says Eisenberg. Forged in Fire is an American competition series where each episode is centered around four bladesmiths who are tasked to recreate iconic edged weapons. This competition is a three-round elimination judged by a panel of three judges. Because of this competition structure, “You don’t need to follow the show necessarily to see people you want to see,” says Eisenberg.

6.5 Inch Damascus Bowie made by Alex Eisenberg

Forged in Fire first appeared on TV in June 2015, and Eisenberg’s episode is included in the current fifth season. The winner of the competition not only earns $10,000, but also the coveted title of Forged in Fire champion.

Eisenberg got his big break after former business partner and former Forged in Fire competitor, Jonathan Porter, reached out to him about applying for the show. Eisenberg currently owns a blacksmithing shop called RP Knives where he makes handmade knives. He also owns the local tattoo shop American Irons Tattoo Company.

Without giving away the ending of this episode, Eisenberg recounts the whole process as a positive experience. “As the competition goes, it was fun. The guys I competed with were all really cool guys, and I have actually since then become friends with them. We all still communicate and talk on social media.”

Tune in tonight at 9pm on the History channel to see if Alex can take the heat.

To find out more about Alex’s local business, visit rpknives.com