created by Laney Blair

Thanks to all of you that participated in our Lakelander Scavengar Hunt!
Here are the answers to the Scavenger Hunt from our June cover feature, Get Out & Play:
1. Lakeland has 38 named lakes. This is the largest of them all. It’s also a popular place for catching largemouth bass. Get your picture acting like a fish in front of it.
Answer: Lake Parker
2. This park was the first “inclusive” park in Polk County. That means children with disabilities can easily play along with children without. Get a picture posing upside-down.
Answer: Common Ground Park
3. This entertainment venue includes arcade games, a ball pit, and a mini golf area, as well as laser tag and a laser maze. Take a picture with the kids painted on the wall outside.
Answer: Family Fun Center
4. This theatre was built in 1928. Most of the Italian renaissance-style architecture looks the same as it did when it was first built thanks to restorations in the 1980s. Since Elvis once performed here, take a picture by the ticket booth posing like this megastar.
Answer: The Polk Theatre
5. If Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol came to Lakeland, they’d probably like to visit this place first. If you work on your art skills, you could even be featured here someday. Take a picture giving a high-five to the painted hands in the middle of this place’s parking lot.
Answer: Polk Museum of Art
6. This reserve has the most impressive bird population in Lakeland. Alligators are often seen blocking the walking paths. While it used to be a cattle ranch, in 2005 it was restored to its natural state as a freshwater marsh. Be brave, go for a walk, and take a picture with the coolest bird you see.
Answer: Circle B Bar and Reserve
7. At this museum you can see one-of-a-kind and antique aircraft, some of which are over a hundred years old! Get a picture with the red, white, and blue statue by the gate.
Answer: Florida Air Museum
8. If you want a celebratory treat fit for a giant, don’t worry about climbing a bean stalk. Just look at the top of this tower! When you take this picture, smile like it’s your birthday, and this treat is all for you.
Answer: Publix Birthday Cake Water Tower
9. No, it’s not a magic trick! At this field, tigers really do play together and are even said to fly. At one time, 8,500 people can pay to watch these special tigers do their thing. Get a picture pretending to play ball out front.
Answer: Joker Marchant Stadium
10. If you want to go out to watch your favorite heroes battle or an adventurer look for lost treasure, relax outside in front of this location’s big screens. Stand in front of its 63-year-old neon sign, and take a picture like you’re walking down the red carpet.
Answer: Silver Moon Drive-In