Lakeland Electric is the third-largest public power utility in the State of Florida, serving 128,000 customers with production capability of over 1100 Megawatts. The utility is also one of the first utilities established in Florida, having started operation in 1889. Purchased by the City of Lakeland in August of 1904, Lakeland Electric is proud to celebrate 115 years as a locally owned business.

This week Lakeland Electric announced their 115th anniversary and 115 days of celebration, with special events and educational material for customers to enjoy and participate in. Events for this special celebration begin this week!

Saturday, September 21st | Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market
Join Lakeland Electric employees for a fun quiz-show videotaping that will be shared on Lakeland Electric’s social media platforms. Prizes include T-shirts with the new limited-edition Lakeland Electric 115th Anniversary Logo designed by local artist Bump Galleta!

October 7th to 11th | Public Power Week
Find Lakeland Electric employees and Wattson visiting local colleges for fun quiz shows and giveaways!

Friday, November 1st | Downtown Lakeland’s First Friday
Lakeland Electric will be hosting the First Friday in November with a number of fun activities at Munn Park from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m celebrating 115 years of local public power!

“For over a century, Lakeland Electric has stood ready to power our community through sunny days, cold fronts, and devastating hurricanes. We are proud to be your public power source, and we are committed to the City of Lakeland’s mission to create a community that works together to achieve an exceptional quality of life. Now, for the next several months, we want to give you a special peek behind the scenes at Lakeland Electric’s commitment to being Affordable, Dependable, and Sustainable.”
Retrieved from press release, Lakeland Electric Celebrates 115 Year Anniversary