Lakelander and nurse Wendy Johnson is the owner of Lakeland’s Krazy Kombucha. Krazy Kombucha is a healthy beverage company that sets up shop to sell their product at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market every weekend. 

Krazy Kombucha was established a few years ago by a local chiropractor. Johnson was a customer who relied on the ginger Kombucha and its health benefits.

In 2016, the chiropractor and original owner of Krazy Kombucha moved to Tampa. Johnson called him and asked about going to Tampa to buy kombucha only to realize that he had shut down the kombucha business. Johnson was then offered an opportunity to purchase the business name and recipes, and in June of 2018 Wendy Johnson re-established Krazy Kombucha in Lakeland once again.

For over a year now, Krazy Kombucha has set up shop at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market. After quickly gaining popularity, Krazy Kombucha grew out of its Catapult production space and is now brewing in its own space in Dixieland.

We sat down with Wendy Johnson to learn more about the story behind Krazy Kombucha and what she is looking forward to in the future. 

How would you describe Krazy Kombucha as a business?
We are a health-conscious business that wants to provide healthy options to the community we love.

Who are the people behind Krazy Kombucha?
I’m a third-generation Lakelander; my family has been in Lakeland for close to 100 years. I have been a nurse for 22 years, and I’m also certified in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness. It’s my absolute passion. I am married and have three sons, two of whom are now serving in our United States Marine Corp.  My youngest son, Justin, who is a sophomore at George Jenkins High School, enjoys weightlifting and helps with Krazy Kombucha. My husband, Curtis, also helps when he can, as he is a Publix truck driver. I am constantly working on establishing a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family, friends, and I’m so very happy to pass along to my community. 

AJ Jackson is my best friend, and she works full time for the City of Lakeland. She is also a fitness instructor and helps in all areas of Krazy Kombucha. She originally moved to Lakeland from Georgia to attend Florida Southern. 

What is kombucha, and what are its health benefits?
It is a fermented, probiotic tea that is fizzy, tart, and a bit sweet. This live beverage has a lot of health benefits that include growing good bacteria in the gut which can help improve acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, and more. It also boosts the immune system and increases energy.

What was it like starting out in Catapult and then moving to your own location?
Looking back, Catapult’s help was priceless. I had some concerns with trying to run a small business, and Catapult helped walk me through each issue. When we were ready to launch to our current location, Catapult helped us find it, and they are still there for us when things pop up. We are so grateful for the community at Catapult and those connections we made there. Maggie Leach, the kitchen director, has been an absolute angel.

Will you still be present at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market on Saturdays?
Absolutely! We have no plans of ever leaving our community’s farmers market! We love it!

Tell us about your collaboration with Nineteen61.
When we moved to our current brew location in Dixieland, Chef Marcos was who we shared kitchen space with. After they opened Nineteen61 in downtown, we had the opportunity to connect with Emerson Bamaca of Bar61. He is committed to bringing Lakeland the freshest, finest, greatest-tasting bar experience that he can. Kombucha cocktails and mules have an added health kick of live probiotics that all can feel good about.

What are you looking forward to in the future of Krazy Kombucha?
We are excited for more Lakelanders to know what we do, why we do it, and that Krazy Kombucha is available and brewed right here in Lakeland.

In addition to being available each Saturday at Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market and in Bar61 drinks, Krazy Kombucha is also on tap at Smoothie Squad and Swan Brewing.