Born in Lakeland, lived here for more than 33 years total | LPN of Internal Medicine at Watson Clinic for Dr. Michael RadivIlov | Has worked for Dr. Radivilov for more than 22 years


K entia’s reassuring smile and kind words have been making a positive impact in the lives of Lakelanders for decades.

She was born in 1975 at Lakeland General Hospital and enjoyed her time as a student at Evangel Christian School and Lime Street Elementary (now called Philip O’Brien Elementary) before her family moved to Tennessee.

To Kentia, a true Lakelander is someone who “appreciates what a wonderful and special place this is to call home.” Thankfully, she was able to convince her husband to move back here in 1999, where they continue to raise their two children.

She started her career at Watson Clinic while earning a degree by taking night classes at Polk State College, and she hasn’t looked back. She calls her colleagues at Watson Clinic — a Lakeland-based medical group with more than 200 physicians practicing more than 40 specialties ­— her second family.

She appreciates the genuine sense of community that Lakeland offers, and she does not take for granted the beautiful scenery that makes up the landscape of the city and Polk County.

She loves the fact that Lakelanders strive to preserve charm at historic spots like the Polk Theatre and local entrepreneurs add to that charm by building distinctly Lakeland businesses like Black & Brew and Born & Bread Bakehouse.

“The faces you see and the people you know or meet here make it obvious that we love it here,” she says.

“And when you love and take pride in where you live, work and grow, that will show.”


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