There are those of us who prefer to invest in looks that can’t be replicated. Sometimes it’s not just the piece that catches our attention but the exclusivity of it that makes it worth treasuring for a lifetime. Kristy Scott handcrafts globally influenced Americana pieces in a modern silhouette for such a person; no one piece is the same.
photography by Dan Austin

For a little over a year, Kristy Scott has been making ornate statement jewelry featuring uniquely sourced elements and color.

Even before the exciting grand opening of their store, 5th and Hall, Kristy and her husband (and Lakelander Style Editor) Abdiel Gonzalez, had received frequent inquiries about jewelry at their previous popup locations. A longtime admirer of unique native and ethnic jewelry, Kristy’s personal taste preferred this look paired with a mix of classic, preppy-styled pieces. While she considered carrying jewelry at 5th and Hall,she knew she would “want each piece to  reflect the marriage of both styles.”

Kristy then began to seek out vendors and makers who could offer such a specific mix of style but struggled to find any that could produce what she had in mind. So, bold stylist that she is, Kristy thought to give jewelry making a go herself. “Sounds kind of silly,” she says, “because I had never made a single piece of jewelry in my life.” But by the time she collected the beads and stones she had in mind, and the basic tools and materials to begin the process of jewelry making, Kristy quickly found herself putting together exactly (or even surpassing) what she had in mind. Now, along with selling a wide variety of street-style, prep, and current clothing, 5th and Hall sells K. Scott jewelry.

Every piece is handmade by Kristy. “And I have never made the same piece twice,” she says. “I want my customers to have a sense of confidence and exclusivity when they wear a K. Scott piece knowing they are the only one who will ever own it.” While these unique pieces may breed a little style envy, 5th and Hall shoppers will continually be surprised by the new combinations of native and preppy pieces K. Scott brings to the table.

Though . . . you won’t necessarily have to wait around for it. If you have a style or piece in mind, Kristy designs jewelry by request as well. “I also love customizing pieces for customers that pop in the shop while I am there creating,” she says. “It adds a little something extra special to the piece.

“There is something so beautiful to me about the jewelry and embellishments of native and ethnic cultures from around the world. The way they use natural and organic sticks and stones with ornate textures and rich colors to create art pieces worn so effortlessly.

It’s a kind of jewelry with a story. “This type has history and evokes emotion which is what I try to do with all my pieces,” Kristy says.

The unique material K. Scott seeks out for each piece is nothing short of one of a kind. “I strategically order my stones, beads, and metals from different countries around the world like Egypt, Africa, Tibet, and Israel, and combine them with American-made elements to curate the perfect mix of world influence and Americana in a modern silhouette. The merging of items like antique coins, raw turquoise, and colorful bright gems makes a unique statement that I hope people continue to recognize as a K. Scott piece.”

Kristy offers a line of men’s jewelry as well. “Although my main focus is women’s, I have seen a pretty great response to my men’s pieces, and occasionally, my women customers also buy men’s [for themselves]!”

Along with her various bracelets and necklaces, Kristy has also recently begun customizing earrings, which debut this season. “I am going a little bigger with earrings in my fall collection, so I am excited to show you all that!

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