How to Fall in Love “is a reminder that real love takes real fight.”

Singer/songwriter Michael McArthur has released two self-recorded EPs this summer. The first of the pair, Oh, Sedona, was released in early July, and the second, How to Fall in Love debuted today.

In a recent social media post, Michael McArthur describes his EP like so:

“‘How to Fall in Love’ isn’t a roadmap or a guide, but a reminder that real love takes real fight. When you’re first starting out in a relationship, nobody really talks about the fact that the person you are now won’t be the person you are in 5 years. Or 5 years after that, and so on. The same goes for the one you’re with. Turns out, the way to stay together is to commit to the never-ending search of who you are, and who they are. It takes a lifetime to fall in love.” – @mcarthurmusic




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