Today is a great day at Patterson Jacobs Media Group. We are excited to announce the promotion of Annalee Mutz to the role of Managing Editor. She will be handling editorial duties for The LakelanderWH magazine, and

Annalee has been an important part of our team. She started working with us in January 2013, and since then she has worked on multiple creative teams and publications. She is a firm believer in the power of storytelling.

When Annalee started working with us, we noticed she was a gifted writer, detail oriented, a strong systems developer, and, most importantly, someone who loves Lakeland. We believe she is the right person to help us continue to grow our family of businesses.
Annalee was born and raised in Japan and has spent most of her life abroad. She first moved to Lakeland in 2009 for college; married her husband, Michael Mutz, in 2012; and has called Lakeland home since. She holds degrees in journalism and public relations and a master’s in business administration. 

“I’m honored to serve on this team and see where The Lakelander, WH magazine, and go next. I’m beyond thankful for the path that was set before me by previous editors; each of them brought a unique perspective that breathed life into these publications. I’m looking forward to continuing to tell the stories that make up Lakeland, including ones that show off the diversity of our city. We’ve shared some inspiring stories, but there are even more voices that need to be heard in this community. That’s what excites me about taking on this new role.”

– Annalee Mutz