WonderHere founders and co-owners, Jessica Zivkovich (left) and Tiffany Thenor (right), say their studio is a one-of-a-kind place that offers services committed to making learning fun.

Likely your children are itching to break out of school and are beyond ready for summer to commence. Though, the mental break your kids are prepping for coincides with a bit of a mental quandary for some parents (if not a mental breakdown).

While many camps provide activities to keep you sane and your kids occupied, WonderHere offers more than the typical place for your child to go over the summer. Its series of summer camps engage skills to hone in on their talents and equip the little dreamer in them. And what kid isn’t full of dreams?

We all know equipping the next generation with everything from basic cooking skills to knowledge of computer science in this technological era is a necessity for the world-changers of tomorrow — and simply for responsible, self-sufficient adults of tomorrow.

Whether your child is good with numbers, a natural in the kitchen, or navigates a MacBook better than you, WonderHere offers a selection of camps to encourage your kids in one or many of the talents they may be developing, and exists to equip them for endless possibilities their future may have in store.

WonderHere / a learn-and-play studio

WonderHere exists to cultivate a love of learning within a child, strives to holistically develop children who are curious, empathetic, community-minded, problem solvers and creative leaders. While their yearly programs specialize in homeschool courses and camps, their summer programs are the perfect camp opportunity for any child!

Ages 3-4

Kids’ Kitchen Camp

It’s never too early to start learning culinary basics. Join for a week of edible learning where mixing, measuring, and getting messy are all part of the fun! Campers will learn measurement, addition, subtraction, and listening skills through play.

Mini Mad Scientists’ Camp

Not every mad scientist comes with crazy gray hair, a white lab coat, and goggles. In fact, not every scientist is mad. Your little scientists are sure to be anything but mad during this week of fun experiments, memory making, and scientific exploration! Campers will learn force, motion, gravity, matter, mass, volume, measurement, chemistry, and listening skills.

Mini Space Camp

During this week of camp, each little learner will gear up for a week of space exploration and experiments! Campers will learn the basics of outer space, listening skills, and be ready to blast off.

Ages 5-8

Cultural Cuisine Camp

f your child has a natural knack for cooking, this is the camp for them. Children will cook recipes from various countries and regions of the world, and learn about different cultures along the way. Campers will learn the science and math behind cooking (including mathematical operations, measurement, and fractions) and geography.

Coding & Robotics Camp

Equipping the next generation with a knowledge of computer science in this technological era is a necessity to ensure that the leaders, teachers, and world-changers of tomorrow have the tools that their future requires. Campers will learn what it means to be a digital citizen, debugging programs, algorithms, programming, and other coding concepts such as loops and events.

Lego STEM Camp

Using the American favorite toy LEGOs, learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Campers will problem-solve through various STEM challenges using teamwork, critical thinking skills, creativity, and of course… Legos!

Ages 8-12

Business Boot Camp

Especially for those young entrepreneurs, this one is for creative children brimming with leadership potential, who can cook up a really great idea. This camp provides each student with the opportunity to launch their very own small business, pitch their idea to a panel of potential investors, and set up shop for WonderHere’s Business Fair where their products and services can make their debut. The experience is sure to equip young leaders to develop new ideas, communication, and leadership skills, while creating a functional, small business. Campers will learn ideation, development of a business plan, budgeting, break-even analysis, website development, marketing, company branding, market analysis, and public speaking skills.

Minecraft STEM Camp

Minecraft is sweeping the nation as one of the most popular kids’ games around. Pair that with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and you’ve got the makings for a dynamic camp full of learning and fun. Campers will learn STEM basics through Minecraft building using teamwork, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Storm Chasers Camp

Is your little one a thrill seeker? Do they love crazy, weather-related science experiments? Do natural disasters grab their attention? Could meteorology be in their future? These campers will experiment with severe weather, study atmospheric phenomena, and learn the basics of meteorology.


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