We thought we’d share some helpful information and links as we prepare to ride out the storm.

Hurricane Hunters

Did you know the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hurricane Hunters are based right here at Lakeland Linder International Airport? Follow them on twitter to see videos and images from their missions into the storm.

You can keep up with the latest from NOAA with images and forecasts of the storm updated every 10 minutes.

Help for the Bahamas

Although it is not currently anticipated to have a severe effect on Central Florida, Dorian has devastated parts of the Bahamas. Not surprisingly, Lakelanders have already begun to take action to bring relief to our Caribbean neighbors.  Learn more about Team Rubicon and the local fundraiser to support their efforts.

City Closures

Our friends at LkldNow have compiled a list of all of the announced closures for schools and municipal services.

Mike’s Weather Page

This site may look like it hasn’t changed since 2004 but spaghettimodels.com is an exhaustive compilation of meticulously updated weather information from numerous national and local sources. It is our personal favorite place for forecast overload.

Above all, we pray everyone makes it through the storm safely. In the event of any trouble, we know that we can count on our community to be there for each other as we have been in times past.