Updated Jan 4, 2021

Get into gear by jumpstarting your New Year’s resolutions with these tips

The new year has arrived and carried with it is the hope of a fresh start and a blank page. Oftentimes, the anticipation of a new year leads us to reflect on the past and resolve to focus more time and energy on building habits that will guide us to a brighter future.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to reset and establish new rhythms that will lead to a fuller, happier life. However, according to the U.S. News, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. This holiday season, don’t stall on your resolutions before you even have a chance to start!


Jumpstart your health and wellness routine by visiting local studios and gyms such as The Balance Culture, Just Move, Yoga Pointe, and Haka Fitness. 

Lakeland is home to a variety of workout classes and fitness equipment, so you can choose a local membership that works best for you. Why not capitalize on the last few weeks of the year to experiment with subtle lifestyle changes in diet and exercise? Find out what classes are fun for you and then slowly begin to integrate the health and wellness habits into your holiday schedule. A lot of these local businesses even offer special deals at the start of the new year to make it even easier for you.


Planning is paramount to productivity. Take time to make time by setting your intentions for the year to come. Stop by Stationery Loft for a unique planner that fits your lifestyle, and then find creative ways to weave new resolutions into your work/life balance. 

Looking for a creative space to plan your year? Coffee-shop vibes may be all you need to schedule projects, appointments, and vacations for the weeks ahead. Cater to your caffeine levels by visiting local coffee shops like Hillcrest, Concord, Mitchell’s, or either of Black & Brew’s locations.


Forming new habits can be difficult, but refreshing your personal style can put some pep in your step, creating the extra confidence needed to take on your new year’s resolutions with enthusiasm. Switch up your wardrobe by adding fun pieces from Fifth & Hall, and find bargain deals on designer brands at Top Buttons Upscale Thrift Boutique. Then, freshen up your home with custom pieces from Scout & Tag and Curated Interiors. 

You can also create a digital wishlist using Giftful.co, save your favorite items there, and then use items from the wishlist as rewards throughout the year for meeting and exceeding New Year’s resolutions. You can also share your wishlist with anyone excited to support your personal development endeavors.