Maybe here, maybe there, across the sea or a day drive away…

While the last few years have been a perplexing time for travel, 2022 has proven to be a big year for trip taking. Couples getting ready to tie the knot are planning their honeymoon getaways, along with couples that had pandemic weddings and delayed their trips. While there are plenty of destinations that are both beautiful and luxurious, there are a few trending spots that are more sought after this year. So whether you think you have a spot picked out already or you’re in the early stages of creating your itinerary, you should  consider these locations as you prepare to become first-rate honeymooners.

Where you travel is certainly an important part of your honeymoon, but how you travel is just as important. Getting in touch with a local agency like AAA Lakeland or Lugos Travel will allow you to work with an expert to plan your trip from start to finish, ensuring minimal speed bumps and maximum enjoyment during your honeymoon.


Greece is arguably the most popular 2022 honeymoon destination, and why shouldn’t it be? With incredible mountains, blissful beaches, and several islands to choose from, Greece is your postcard-worthy honeymoon spot. Since Greece was more lenient with their travel restrictions the last few years, tourism buzz for Greece has spread across the water and all the way into your hands, right here and now. Full of natural beauty, stunning architecture and interesting history, Greece offers loads of breathtaking views that will make you want to delay your return trip.


For some couples, the epitome of a good honeymoon is sitting waterside with a drink in hand. While sure to be filled with gorgeous views and blissful water, your honeymoon to the Keys can be as relaxing or as action-packed as you desire. Lay out in the sun, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, go diving and snorkeling. Maybe try your hand at fishing, or stand-up paddle boarding, or kayaking through some beautiful mangrove caves. If you decide to go into town, you can stroll through various art galleries and boutiques filled with creations from local artists. And did we mention the food? Seafood and key lime pie are everywhere


A classic honeymoon destination that will never go out of style, Hawaii remains a trending spot and a wonderful choice for your special travels for one perfect reason: it is never not delightful. In times where traveling out of the country can be more complicated  than usual, keeping your itinerary within the states can be a big stress reliever. Hawaii remains one of the best places on earth to catch sunrises and sunsets, and contains several gorgeous islands to visit. Hike, surf, zip-line, or just put  your toes in the sand and relax.