The latest issue of “The Lakelander” has been planned for extensively, dressed appropriately for the big day and is ready for your all-in commitment to picking it up and consuming it.

The Weddings Issue can be picked up at locations all across Lakeland, and this issue is not just for individuals who are getting married or hope to get married.

This issue is for…

  • Those who want to see the curtain pulled back on the $110 million Bonnet Springs Park in a way that has yet to be seen
  • People who want to celebrate real people from our community at real places in our community throwing incredible celebrations that can inspire us all
  • Jewelry lovers
  • Gift buyers
  • Travelers
  • And of course, anyone who simply loves to see local businesses, local artists and local people looking and feeling their best

If you can’t wait to get a first look – lucky for you, you can view the entire magazine digitally.