A Local Students Shares “Gotta Have” Gifts for Grads

Hey everyone! I’m Diego De Jesus, staff writer for The Lakelander, and I’m about to graduate from Florida Southern College as an English major. No one lies when they say that graduation is bittersweet. It’s a reflective time that’s also exciting, thinking about who I was my freshman year, seeing who I’ve become now and appreciating that everything worked out in the end. Whenever people ask me how I feel about graduating, I say I’m excited to move on to the next chapter in my life, but I’ll only know for sure when I walk across the stage. 

It’s a jubilant moment when college graduates walk across the stage as their names are called and they’re handed their diplomas. They shake their college’s president’s hand and their families scream their names, announcing them once again. After countless pictures and congratulatory embraces that seemingly lead to overwhelming emotions, graduates celebrate with their families, as I will. Graduating college is an immense accomplishment, and getting that diploma feels like everyone gets first place, but then there’s becoming an adult. Starting off, I imagine, it feels like the world is on your shoulders, and there’s a lot more to learn after getting certified for learning a lot. 

Everything counts for college graduates, especially right after graduation when those loan payments start rolling in. All help is needed and a great way to do so is by giving your graduates gifts. Gifts require much thought for each person, but as a part of this generation of graduates, I have compiled some gift ideas to help you find gifts for graduates in your life that carry meaning or will practically help, starting now.


Tote Bags


My generation has a tote craze, and it’s no wonder why. You can do a lot with tote bags while being fashionable. Tote bags can be personalized with your design, and there’s a lot of room to carry whatever you want while being comfortable. Many are crafted with incredibly light yet sturdy material that is minimalist and environmentally friendly instead of plastic bags. When you meet your graduate after the ceremony, you can hand them a personalized tote bag that’ll mean a lot to them. 


Air Fryers

Air fryers have become the new staple in everyone’s kitchen, and they would be an immense help to recent graduates. This is a healthy utility for making food. With the ability to whip up various foods in a reduced amount of time while being energy-efficient using circulating hot air, the air fryer is a great gift to give your loved one in their entryway into the adult world.


Framed pictures & Polaroids

Pictures take us back to those times of nostalgia, and there isn’t a better time to look back than at college graduation. You can get some frames for some of your favorite pictures with your recent graduate so they can fondly look back on those good times. Polaroids are a great option for a single moment captured on Polaroid film, so more memories can be captured to the touch and assembled in any way they wish. 


Robotic Vacuums

Hot tech helpers like the iRobot Roomba will be a welcome addition to your recent graduate’s new home when they’re still settling in. Nobody likes to sweep and dust the floors on chore day, so why not employ a little friend to help? These robotic vacuums can be scheduled to keep your floors in prime condition at specific times convenient to the owner, saving the owner much time and energy when they want to keep their home clean. 


Coffee Makers

Everyone loves a cup of coffee to start the day, and it’s even better if you can make it home. Most college students drink coffee, and that won’t change after graduation. Besides being convenient, coffee makers are a money saver. It’s far cheaper to make your coffee than pick it up on the way to or from work. The best part about making your coffee is that you can add whatever you want and it’s a good way to start your day—as long as you love coffee.