styled and written by Taylor Irby
photography by Tina Sargeant
hair and makeup by Yolanda Floyd of Mirabella’s
Signature Salon & Spa

It’s a Friday night. You are so excited to shut those school books for a couple of days and skate your weekday troubles away. You can already feel the atmosphere of bright blinking lights, loud music, and the smell of pizza whirling around in your mind. You live for Friday nights at the skating rink.

Of course, a few details have to be figured out first: Which friends will I meet there? Who’s going to drop me off? Man, I hope I don’t have to wait in the line too long! Did I grab my loose change so I can play arcade games? And most importantly … What will I wear?

To kick off this season, we are bringing back the iconic style of the ’80s skating era (for those of you who can recall it and those who can’t). Though the ’80s are usually characterized by spandex and an array of blinding neons, we are embracing the individual personalities of these modern “Generation Z” babes. We set the scene with a modern and playful twist while remaining true to the core of the decade — crimped hair and sequins, ultra-cool graphic tees, and washed denim.

Let’s revisit the dawn of comic books, yo-yos, and the classic comeback of tube socks. It’s time to celebrate the decade that truly made skating great. Roll on over to your local Skate World and remember why Friday nights were once your favorite time of the week. It can still be just as magical.


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