Establish 37 is a modern salon celebrating women.

Establish 37 has a unique mission far beyond being a full-service salon offering hair color, cuts and styling, facials, nail services, tanning, and makeup.

Owner and lead stylist of Establish 37, Lynzee Larson has a defined purpose as to why Establish 37 exists. Lynzee and her husband relocated to Lakeland with their son last summer, and after a few months of working for a local salon, Lynzee literally decided to establish herself by opening her own salon.

“The heart and vision of Establish 37 are that people have the opportunity to establish their dreams here. Whether it be a  guest who enters the doors and shares her dreams with her stylist or a stylist building her business, it can be done here.” – Lynzee

Establish 37 | Palmola // Photo by Ashley Cheshire,

Lynzee Larson, Owner and Lead Stylist of Establish 37

“One night, around 11:00 o’clock, I thought about how much I loved the Dixieland area, so I Googled “retail locations under 1,000 square feet,” and our first location on Hillcrest came up. So, I called the next day and we jumped right into it.”

Lynzee has been a hairstylist for 10 years, and her vision was to create a space where stylists were empowered as entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and resources to grow.

Establish 37’s first location (Establish 37 | Hillcrest) on 801 South Florida Avenue opened in November 2019. With a booth rental business model in place, the salon quickly filled up with talented, eager stylists.

I always say I like hair but I love people, and that’s really why I do hair. Hairstyling allows me to be around people and be a part of their everyday lives. It’s such a privilege that hairdressers have to be a part of our customer’s journey of life, and hear what their dreams are and see how their life is established as well.”

I always say I like hair but I love people, and that’s really why I do hair.”

By February 2020, Establish 37 was ready for a second location, and, unlike most business owners, Lynzee decided to open her second location about half a mile from the first location: Establish 37 | Palmola. The Palmola location is a slightly different business model, a combination of booth rental and commission.

“In this salon, we welcome our guests. We listen to requests. We care about people. We love hair. We believe in sustainable beauty. We celebrate grace and elegance. We appreciate suggestions. We believe that beautiful is also good.” – Establish 37

Lynzee is passionate about empowering every stylist/team member and creating customized opportunities for them to grow and achieve their goals, which led her to the addition of a nail technician at Establish 37 | Palmola. Nail services are a unique addition to a Lakeland hair salon. The community around Establish 37 loves these services, and the talented nail technician, Ashanti Lauren!

Establish 37 | Palmola // Photo by Ashley Cheshire,

“I was never interested in doing the traditional commission business method, but there was a need. We had stylists who were looking for this option, they were in the beginning stages of their career or transitioning, so we met those needs. We try our to best accommodate everyone. And I believe there’s room for everybody at the table.”
Lynzee plans to open a third Establish 37 location by Spring 2021, and, as she looks forward to the future, she ultimately would like to help fill the need for an esthetician and cosmetology school here in Lakeland.
“We believe that truly the best is yet to come and that there is gold in every piece of your story.”
– Establish 37

Establish 37 at Palmola
1224 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33803

Establish 37 at Hillcrest
801 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33801