On May 11, the Lakeland Economic Development Council posed the question: “How might we create a permanent solution for restaurants and nighttime establishments to offer patrons additional outdoor seating?” The LEDC then partnered with The Lunz Group to create renderings to help Lakelanders visualize what temporary and/or permanent outdoor seating might look like on Kentucky Avenue and Main Street.

Yesterday, the LEDC and The Lunz Group took the concept one step further and envisioned a pedestrian-only Kentucky Avenue. The LEDC partnered with The Lunz Group once again to visualize this concept. Here is the overview of Kentucky Ave- Pedestrian (4).

“Remember, these are visualizations of potential long-term solutions. We understand that the new take-out parking spaces on Kentucky Avenue are important now. However, long term, we believe we can all agree that downtowns are designed to be enjoyed, not function as drive-thrus. What do you think about closing Kentucky Avenue to pedestrian-only traffic down the road?” – https://lakelandedc.com/

For more information, visit https://lakelandedc.com/.