Cassandra Dorsaint seeks to uplift and encourage women through custom gifts. Her new book, Evidence of a Confident Woman, highlights that mission and its importance in our local community.

Cassandra Dorsaint believes in honoring and celebrating the women around her. Her brand, CreativeByCass, is a multifaceted local business that is dedicated to that mission.

Dorsaint strategically curates custom gift boxes, travel experiences, and stationery according to each recipient’s personality and unique style. CreativeByCass is also able 

to offer assistance for any occasion whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or just-because. 

Her goal is to remind women the truth of who they are; she seeks to affirm women that they are valued, loved, and confident. Dorsaint’s new book, Evidence of a Confident Woman, represents a series of products and highlights statements 

from women in our community to uplift and inspire. The book can be purchased on her website and multiple social media platforms. 


To order a custom gift, book, or find some inspiration, visit