We recognize that with Lakeland’s growth comes influence beyond our city limits. Along with Lakeland, Polk County is made up of many other thriving cities and towns that continue to put Central Florida on the map. In fact, the U.S. Census showed that this area of the state showed a 2.94% growth rate in the past year alone.

The rising population may be greatly due to the rising opportunities. Along with its ideal location between two major cities, Polk County is home to the great diversity and has created many opportunities for the people already living here. This is obvious through the many large distribution facilities located throughout, like Amazon, FedEx, Walmart, and more. The area is also made up of many small businesses with rich histories that span generations and continue to add to the diversity that exists in these cities today.

Lakeland-Winter Haven ranked No. 4 on the U.S. Census’ Top 10 Metropolitan Areas in Percentage Growth list

So, along with the many others who have decided to focus their attention on this area of the state, we’ve decided to do the same. The Lakelander has now been expanded to include more content that highlights our neighboring cities in our Greater Lakeland section. The area between Tampa and Orlando is far more than orange groves and cypress trees — although that’s a part of its charm, too. We believe there are even more stories to tell beyond our city limits. Stories that are for all readers, wherever they may be.

Welcome to Greater Lakeland.