Nothing breaks the common cloudy palette of neutrals like a pop of color. This season we’re rebelling with monochromatic looks to last you year-round.

photography by Dan Austin // hair and makeup by Yolanda Floyd

This winter we are saying a brief farewell to the season’s traditional warm, earthy tones and bringing in a whole new perspective with color leading the way. A spectrum of monochromatic ensembles with layers that will not only keep you warm, but break the normal tonal boundaries of your everyday looks. A style revolt is in order as we embrace the use of color to bring a daring direction to your current wardrobe.

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Dressing monochromatically creates an overall look with separates of the same hue but in slightly varying shades and textures. A common tool to help easily visualize the progression of color is to imagine the familiar hardware-store paint swatches with gradient colors. Seeing how the tones start off with one bold hue and with each square progressively gets darker or lighter is the perfect inspiration in creating an overall tonal look within the same color family.

Setting the boundaries of color within each look may seem stifling at first, but the cohesiveness of color allows a new level of flexibility with patterns and textures that may normally seem over the top.

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Of-the-moment textures such as suede, velvet, and fur in strong colors combined with neutral pieces may at first seem too overdone. But within a monochrome look it feels right at home to the eye and makes a statement to complete a well-thought-out look.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns that have hints of other colors or offsetting the whole look with one contrasting piece such as a white leather jacket. The goal here is to be inspired by one overall color, not boxed in by the fear of breaking any rules — after all, this is a revolt.

Special thanks to Dillard’s at Lakeland Square Mall and What’s New Consignment shop in Lakeland.

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