CrossFit is currently one of the world’s most popular training programs that combines Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting,  gymnastics, and many other exercises, like rope climbing. CrossFit falls under the high-intensity workout category which means short circuits, high intensity, and always different.

On October 19th the 7th annual Central Florida Throwdown will take place at SUN ‘n FUN, and spectators are invited to the event!

The Central Florida Throwdown is one of the feature stories in the documentary Functional Fitness that is on Netflix, bringing international interest to the competition.

This year’s Central Florida Throwdown title sponsor is Lakeland CBD Wellness. Additional community partners include Rafa Natural, Nineteen61, MYBOX, Revival, FITniche, Reebok, Geico, PDQ, and Palace Pizza.

In addition to the competition, every year a local charity is chosen to benefit from the event. This year, the charity is the Blended Family Foundation.


“To date, over one hundred brand-new Reebok sneakers and six hundred pairs of Reebok socks have been contributed to the foundation for school-aged children, kindergarten through third grade, who are in family crisis situations.”

The event has also assisted with the remodel of one of Florida Sheriff’s Youth Villas in Bartow which serves as home to ten, 15- to 18-year-old females.

CrossFit is now considered a movement; it brings people together to live healthier and achieve their fitness goals. Lakeland has five CrossFit locations.

Admission is $10 per day or $15 for the weekend. All funds benefit this year’s charity, the Blended Family Foundation.

Saturday Schedule:

8 am to 8:15 am – Opening ceremonies
8:30 am – Competition begins
6 pm – Closing of Day 1

Sunday Schedule:

8 am – Day 2 of Competition begins
4:30 pm Podium & Closing ceremonies