Room escape games are a fun and interactive group activity. Bring a group of people with you or make some new friends and join an incomplete team.

Here in Lakeland we have two room escape game businesses: Escape Room Lakeland and Escapology Lakeland.

The game is played like this: players are locked in a room where they must seek clues and solve puzzles tied to a story or theme to find the key and escape before time runs out, usually in under one hour.

Lakeland Escape Room

Room escape businesses offer different types of challenges and game themes. Depending on your gifts, each member on the team has the opportunity to be a hero by helping solve puzzles, thinking critically, and leading the team to successfully escape under one hour.

We sat down with local room escape businesses to learn more about the games they offer and the experience you can expect when choosing to take on the challenge.

Escapology‘s four private escape room themes:
  • Budapest Express – A murder mystery (think Murder on the Orient Express, train car, train sounds, whodunnit, moving scenery, you’re a French detective, 1931).
  • Arizona Shootout – A wild west theme (Shootout at the O.K. Corral; Tombstone, Arizona; your the Earps or Doc Holliday, bar, piano, barn doors, 1881).
  • Th3 Cod3- FBI/Hacker theme  (college apartment in Cambridge, MA; you’re the rogue FBI agent being framed by the infamous hacker Nitro, 2015)
  • Antidote – Investigating an abandoned laboratory (you’re government scientists looking for answers in a lab used to create and weaponize a virus, 2015)
Lakeland Escape Room’s four private escape room themes:
  • The Asylum – You are a journalist covering a story at Willowbrook State Insane Asylum where your coworker recently went missing trying to conduct an interview. Suddenly, while visiting the asylum, you get a phone call. It’s your boss with a clear message to escape.
  • The Cinema – A night at the movies has turned hectic! Your only way into a prestigious event is now out of reach. Find your ticket and race against the clock or it’s curtains for you.
  • Split – Your sweet friend Nina apparently has another side you are about to meet! You’re stuck in Nina’s bedroom when her personality suddenly goes from sweet to scary. Get out before her “bad” side gets you.
  • Coffee Cartel – Your family owns and operates a profitable coffee plantation in the mountains of Colombia, South America. The coffee is just a front to the secret emerald mine you have underground. The authorities are on their way to arrest you and put you away for a long, long time … unless you can find your way out before they arrive.
Both businesses offer gift certificates. (They make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers)
“We look forward to growing our mobile escape room business and hopefully open another location. Our mobile escape room allows us to bring the fun to your birthday party, corporate event, or any celebration of your choice!” –Lakeland Escape Room
“Expect to continue to have a totally immersive experience with us from the moment you walk in the door. Throw amazing themed parties in our party room with its kitchenette and huge patio space, and most likely another awesome room change or two in 2019.” – Escapology
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