community • /kəˈmyo͞onədē/ • noun
A group of people who work together toward a common purpose which they care about and who care deeply about each other.

Stephanie Bernal Gregg honors both of her grandmothers’ legacies with her brand, Buena Market. The name Buena Market is a combination of Stephanie’s grandmothers’ nicknames, one being “Abuela” and the other “Nana.”

“Both of my grandmothers were really amazing women in their respective communities in West Texas. They did a lot with giving back to the community, volunteering and making a positive impact, and I wanted to create a brand to honor them and their work,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie was especially inspired by the entrepreneurs and local makers she met when she first moved to Lakeland and decided to conceptualize a brand that would bring all of those people together and more.

Earnest Odom

Buena Market exists to create a space of inclusivity within our community that hosts multicultural and vibrant experiences for everyone to enjoy, showcasing creativity in the form of food, art, beverage, and other categories.

“Buena means ‘good’ in Spanish. It’s also like a salutation. For me, it’s like a welcome to all people,” says Stephanie.

In 2019, Stephanie hosted a Buena Market Dinner Party experience in collaboration with local talent and entrepreneurs as well as a few night markets. When COVID-19 happened, Buena Market events were paused until it was safe to organize smaller-scale outdoor pop-up markets this past summer.

Earnest Odom

Buena Market Pop-ups take place around town encouraging local brands to set up shop and connect with customers. Likewise, the markets pose an inviting environment for people to connect with one another and enjoy locally crafted goods.

Stephanie hopes to grow Buena Market as much as needed in order to represent the diverse creativity and culture in our community.

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