This beautiful home will remain a tribute to the Shannons and a testimony to healing and growth as a city comes together.

Perhaps one of the most unique qualities of Lakeland is its beautiful tradition of restoring the past. Houses across the city have carefully been crafted to fit modern standards while maintaining the past aesthetic of the home. Rather than completely phasing out the past, Lakeland cherishes the style and charm of its historic homes by updating and renovating the spaces. Many of these restored buildings have become beloved landmarks of the city.

A glowing American-Craftsman style home has loomed across the reflection of Lake Hollingsworth for generations, and this historic gem just got new owners. The home is estimated to have been built in 1907, making it the oldest standing house on Lake Hollingsworth.

Under the deeply rooted oaks, this massive white beauty stands on Avon Avenue and Lake Hollingsworth Drive. The home features a gorgeous wooden porch that wraps all the way around, a pool, sizable guesthouse, large shed, and grassy fields to the left and right filled with duck visitors from the lake. The Craftsman style echoes through the exterior with the white columns, brick, and porch spindles. Inside features the original hardwood floors, two fireplaces, a second story, and a basement – a Florida rarity.

Construction began after local Realtor Paige Wagner sold the home to Matt and Courtney Wade back in May. They are aiming to open the space up inside and restore the broken parts back to their beautiful condition with their own style. The property previously belonged to many prominent Lakeland families through the years, though the early history is rather difficult to surface. Local archives show that families like the McClellans owned the house through the fifties, and the Waters resided there for decades afterwards. Some brief ownership took place after the Waters family, and the property remained vacant frequently in between owners in current years.  

Most recently, this Lakeland gem belonged to the Shannon family. John Shannon, a well-known local lawyer, tragically passed away in a plane crash in December of 2017. With him were his two daughters, son-in-law, and a family friend. This came as a horrific shock to the Polk County community and friends and family of the Shannons.

Tragedy can leave nasty scars in cities and neighborhoods. However, this home is being restored to beauty from ruins. This beautiful home will remain a tribute to the Shannons and a testimony to healing and growth as a city comes together.