This Christmas, enjoy the Behold the Lamb of God tour by Andrew Peterson on Dec 4th from 7pm to 10pm at Youkey Theater in Lakeland.

Over the past 20 years, Behold the Lamb of God has become a holiday tradition for churches and families across the nation. The tour is known for its unique telling of the Christmas story, with Andrew Peterson’s original Americana-folk songs telling of the birth of Christ as it is in the Bible.

The concert is also known for hosting a variety of special guests — including Alison Krauss, Jon Foreman, Steven Curtis Chapman, and many more — and for selling out almost every performance each year.

This year’s tour, sponsored by Compassion International and The Rabbit Room, will feature special guest Jess Ray, plus its classic lineup of all-star artists and musicians.

“Whatever the rest of the year looks like,” Peterson says, “we come back together on the road and sing these same songs again. It’s created this unintentional liturgy of our lives for two decades, and it recenters me again and again on what got me into this in the first place — which is that God put on flesh and dwelt among us.”