The Lakeland Aero Club will perform a fly-by thanking Polk County’s frontline workers and first responders.

On Friday, June 12, the Lakeland Aero Club will do a fly-by in a formation with a Piper L-18C, Piper PA-11, and an American Champion 7EC Champ to recognize and thank our frontline workers.

8:30-8:55 am, Friday, June 12
The proposed route of the fly-by is as follows:
●       Depart Lakeland Aero Club HQ
●       Lakeland Fire Department, 701 E. Main St.
●       Lakeland Police Department, 219 N. Massachusetts Ave.
●       Lakeland Regional Health, 1324 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
●       Watson Clinic, 1600 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
●  Polk County Sheriff’s Northwest Command Center, 1045 W. Wedgewood Estates Blvd.
●       Polk County Sheriff’s Southwest Command Center, 4120 US-98
●     Polk County Sheriff’s Operations Center, 1891 Jim Keene Blvd. in Winter Haven
Residents are welcome to watch the fly-by from any public parking lot or park, in keeping with social distancing recommendations. Please do not plan to watch the fly-by in any of the aforementioned agencies’ parking lots, as those spots are reserved for patient care and emergency situations.
As with any aviation-related event, the fly-by is weather dependent. Please check The Lakeland Aero Club’s Facebook page, @thelakelandaeroclub, for the latest updates.
For questions or inquiries prior to or following the event, please contact Nicholas Poucher at or 863-513-0085.
For questions or inquiries on the day of the event, please contact Aron Yichye at 856-264-0445.
“The Lakeland Aero Club is the largest youth flying club in the world and is part of the Aerospace Center for Excellence. Located on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus at the Lakeland Linder International Airport, the club has 85 active members, four flying aircraft, and five project aircraft.
Our mission is to inspire young people to get involved in aviation by “Making tomorrow’s greatest aviators today.” The club is student-run and operated, meaning the students are the ones who build, maintain, restore, and fly the aircraft. This includes the aircraft you will see during the fly-by.”