Redevelopment to take place in Dixieland area

Two developers and an architect have teamed to revitalize the Dixieland area to bridge the gap between businesses and the historic homes that make up the neighborhood. The project is also intended to add the urban density sought by city planners. The alleyway, designed for low vehicle traffic, would include two-story apartment buildings throughout the pathway. Local investors, Gregory Fancelli and Cory Petcoff, are the developers behind this project, in addition to Steve Boyington, the architect behind this concept.

By demolishing a deteriorating home on the corner of West Park Street, space would be created for the placement of the new apartments that would add fresh value to the community. They hope to attract younger professionals who work in the downtown and Dixieland areas and are attracted to walkable spaces. Any construction of the apartments is likely at least two years away. During that time, the developers hope to work with city planners, neighborhood residents, the Historic Preservation Board, and the Community Redevelopment Agency to ensure that they are doing what is best for the community.