Stephanie Bernal Gregg honors both of her grandmothers’ legacies with her brand, Buena Market.

Lakelander Stephanie Bernal Gregg is the owner of Buena Market. Buena Market is a brand that exists to create a space of inclusivity within our community that hosts multicultural and vibrant experiences for everyone to enjoy, showcasing creativity in the form of food, art, beverage, and more.

The brand name Buena Market is a combination of Stephanie’s grandmothers’ nicknames, one being “Abuela” and the other “Nana.”

Buena means good in Spanish. It’s also like a salutation. For me, it’s like a welcome to all people,” says Stephanie.

Buena Market hosts a series of experiences to encourage community, from dinner party experiences to pop-up markets, where everyone is welcome.