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With aspirations of what a Lakeland wedding looks like, we gathered nine unique, creative, or traditional wedding venues in the area that could host Lakeland natives’ or travelers’  ceremonial dreams.

June might easily masquerade as the month for a wedding: flowers are in bloom, and the aroma of summer is in the air, so now seems to be the perfect time to present a host of venues all around Lakeland to celebrate your own dream ceremony. When mentioning Lakeland’s wedding venues, we can’t neglect mentioning its classics, like the extravagant Magnolia Building, the elegant Sommer Building, as well as the downtown gem of the Terrace Hotel. Lakeland also presents a few more obscure locations, though, like Lake Mirror’s The Loggia, the creative Haus 820, the rustic Rocking H Ranch as well as the White Horse Ranch, the intimate Danforth Chapel at Florida Southern, or even the convivial SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Museum.

Each of these locations offers something different and unique to those who choose them, and with this, the ability to reflect the partners’ personalities and relationship in a memorable way. Maybe you and your
future spouse’s first date was walking around the reflecting lights of Lake Mirror, or sharing dinner and drinks at The Terrace. Whatever it may be, each of these Lakeland locations could have hosted the blossoming memories of you and your partner, and have the potential of continuing those memories in their beautiful and unique settings, perhaps making one of them the immaculate venue and inevitable choice for your wedding day.

THE LOGGIA / email: lakemirrorrentals@lakelandgov.net | 863.834.2280

Photo: Sunglow Photography / Designer: Ashton Events

Everyone always wonders what’s inside those grand doors that hug downtown’s Lake Mirror. The Loggia, as it’s formally known, is actually a locale available for hosting a wedding. Whether in front of the stained white doors or tucked inside the secluded room behind them, The Loggia offers a charming canvas to drape your ceremony in front of. In association with the City of Lakeland and Lake Mirror Rentals, you can connect and converse with them for further details.

Photo: Jordan Weiland / Designer: Ashton Events

HAUS 820 / haus820.com | 863.940.9639

Photo: Jordan Weiland / Designer: Ashton Events

The creative modernity of the 1920s’ refurbished Haus 820 might be the perfect location for you and your partner’s contemporary ceremony. With its extravagant white interior full of texture and natural light, restored warehouse windows, and white brick walls, you have the freedom to saturate it with your own colors, florals, and lively guests. Haus 820 prides themselves on being a space that allows you the freedom to design a ceremony as you like it, and is ideal for large indoor weddings where 500 of your guests can sit comfortably or 1,000 of them can stand, enjoying the ceremonial canvas you’ve created. There is a main open area for the reception, with dinner tables and chairs, a stage, and dance floor provided, as well as a 16-foot-long, custom-built bar to circle over to for drinks. Cocktail hour can be shared in Haus 820’s art studio, an empty room downstairs with art that covers each white wall. Smaller parties of 250 or under are also welcome to enjoy a more intimate ceremony in their gated outdoor courtyard. Alongside the venue’s freedom of space and decor capabilities, Haus 820 is also nonexclusive of the vendors or drink services you decide to cater your wedding with, so it’s bring your own vendor and beer with an insured bartender! A gorgeous, naturally lit bridal suite is also located in the building next door for all brides and bridesmaids wishing to add this to their rental, and a spacious catering prep kitchen is available for your use, completing the package over at Haus 820.

Photo: The Ganeys Photography / Designer: Ashton Events

MAGNOLIA BUILDING / Orange Street | 863.834.2280

Photo: Sunglow Photography / Designer: Ashton Events

The classic Magnolia Building is an obvious choice for your wedding day. With its location right on Lake Mirror, neighboring the beautiful Hollis Gardens and within walking distance of downtown Lakeland, it could not be better placed. Walking inside exposes the building’s elegant, refurbished 1920s’ brick and stucco walls, with trusses of fabric above the main entrance and a beautiful fireplace to light the way, though unutilized in the summer months. Outdoor are terraces that overlook the lake and gardens, and Palladian windows that make up the back walls. The Magnolia Building comfortably fits a 175-person wedding and allows you to bring your own vendors and drinks with the hiring of at least one professional bartender.

Photo: Sunglow Photography / Designer: Ashton Events

SOMMER BUILDING / Facebook: @LakelandWedding.SommerBuilding | 863.227.4315

Photo: Tina Sargeant Photography

Downtown Lakeland’s Sommer Building could be the ideal space for your ceremonial venue. Recently renovated by Heidi and Mike Campbell, this historic building with windows overlooking the rest of historic downtown, holds a unique appearance for you and your partner. With its open space and blank palette, you are able to be creative with the setting of your wedding, as the Campbells have installed all necessary means, such as, draping hooks, lighting, suspension on walls and ceilings, and hardwood floors to makeshift your own fun-loving dance floor. Heidi also talks of the careful execution she used when deciding the color of paint for the walls that carefully exemplifies the beauty of each partner without any washing out or distraction of those being wed. The Sommer Building accommodates 175 for a seated dinner and comfortable dancing space, and includes tables and 120 chairs for you and your guests. It is a private oasis in the rush of downtown Lakeland, making it another great wedding venue in the area. You can drop in at the Stationery Loft hosted in the same building and have someone show you the venue space upstairs.

DANFORTH CHAPEL AT FSC / email: vmcdonough@flsouthern.edu | 863.680.4159

Photo Provided by FSC

The admirable Frank Lloyd Wright built an intimate chapel, holding a mere 55 guests, on the campus of Florida Southern called the Danforth Chapel. The architecture follows the theme of Wright’s originality as distinctive and modern, and was built neighboring Lake Hollingsworth, inviting the sun to set right through the chapel’s glass windows. Inside you’ll find it filled with original pews and cushions for a historically charming ceremony setting. The nearby Waterdome also allows for photo opportunities as do the rose gardens nearby. The venue provides chairs, tables, microphones, and a speaker for your use.

ROCKING H RANCH / rockinghevents.com | 863.581.1710

Photo: Justin DeMutiis / Designer: Ashton Events

“Anything but ordinary!” reads their tagline as you enter into the world of Rocking H Ranch. Its 100-acre location has it nestled in grandfather oaks dressed with Southern moss, roaming cattle, vintage gardens, and the serenity and privacy such grand landscapes can provide. With the owners’ modernized ranch, you may plan a barn reception with all the necessary amenities or choose to be outside under the stars and moonlit tree canopies. The barn hosts almost 300 guests and can captivate the dream of a rustic, hippie, or vintage wedding that you might desire. The ranch also hosts a tropical-oasis pool with a running waterfall, providing the perfect setting for pictures, cocktail hour, or the ceremony itself. The ranch allots you and your guests with the space for the entire day, so there will be no rush of getting in and out, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time with guests. New renovations include indoor air conditioning and heating, as well as some design renovations in the barn.

Photo: Justin DeMutiis / Designer: Ashton Events

THE TERRACE HOTEL / terraceweddings.com | 863.688.0800

Photo: Jordan Weiland / Designer: 2 Sisters Events & Design

The Terrace is one of Lakeland’s classically renowned wedding venues, exhibiting the only full-service luxury hotel in the surrounding area. Their restored historic architecture, attentive staff, and fine-dining restaurant on site, are all amenities making this location ideal for a large or small wedding. The inside of the hotel can only hold smaller, more intimate parties, but they offer a beautiful outdoor setting for larger parties as well. What is also unique about The Terrace is that you and your partner can wed in the surrounding areas, such as Hollis Gardens or The Loggia, and then choose to walk right over to the Terrace for dancing, drinking, and all things reception. Lakeland’s historic hotel also has a mezzanine level with private bar area for an extra-groovy touch, as well as room accommodations for you and your wedding party.

Photo: Richard Om

WHITE HORSE RANCH VENUE / terraceweddings.com | 863.688.0800

Photo Provided by White Horse Ranch

Lakeland’s White Horse Ranch could be another wonderful outdoor venue for you and your loved one to wed in. Walking through their rustic barns and across their acres of land will surely put you and your guests in the mood for laughter, dancing, and love. The White Horse Ranch can host up to 500 wedding guests for a flowing reception, and the main barn hosts 300 covered seats, tucked right beneath a hanging chandelier. For a more intimate setting, you could have your ceremony in the smaller barn, where 40 to 50 people can gather to celebrate. You can also use the smaller barn for cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres. The commons can also be utilized for the reception and dancing hour, as it places you directly under the stars, dancing on a concrete slab. Other amenities include a whitewashed bridal cottage with a porch leading to two French doors, a groom studio, as well as tables and 150 chairs for you and your guests.

SUN ’N FUN MUSEUM / eventrentals@flysnf.org | 863.644.2431 (Debi Hobbs)

Photo Provided by Sun ’N Fun

It might seem avant-garde to have an aerospace-themed wedding, but the Florida Air Museum is host to one of Central Florida’s great wedding venues. The museum is filled with airplanes and artifacts collected by renowned Howard Hughes, creating an inventive and original backdrop of color and vibrancy for weddings. The museum also encourages weddings to be hosted in their newly renovated Hanger with approximately 20,000 square feet and newly installed air conditioning. Your ceremony and/or reception could also be outside on the camping grounds, set under a beautiful canopy of oak trees and with a cleaner palette and setting for you to decorate. So, whether you are a pilot or past student of the Aerospace Academy, or merely a lover of aerospace independently, consider SUN ’n FUN for your wedding venue for a creative and convivial time. Some participants of the past have even flown into their wedding ceremony by plane, making a grand and unforgettable entrance.

LAKELAND COUNTRY CLUB – UPCOMING VENUE / email: gbusch@thelakelandcc.com |  863.680.2582

If you plan to wed in 2019, then you can look forward to the Country Club’s spring opening, featuring its Spanish-Mediterranean renovations, as another possible venue for you and your loved one. Its location remains on Lakeland’s famous Lake Hollingsworth, providing the perfect setting for a wedding of any kind. The new club will host an array of amenities, including three banquet halls with the ability to expand for larger weddings or divide for more intimate ceremonies. They are also building a beautiful lobby attached to the banquet halls, perfect for a cocktail hour or set-up for wedding favors. Also, if you step out onto the lakefront, they allot your use of a large outdoor patio for receptions, cocktail hour, or your ceremony alike. Other amenities include a bridal studio, provided tables and chairs, a linen rental service, and audio/visual hook-ups.