The CEO of Lakeland Regional Health, Danielle Drummond, MS, FACHE, is leading the hospital to new heights by implementing advanced behavioral healthcare.

Lakeland Regional Health is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the state. In operation for over a century, Lakeland Regional Health continuously provides safe and effective care for communities across Central Florida.

When Danielle Drummond, MS, FACHE, was named president and CEO of Lakeland Regional Health last January, she had her work cut out for her. Navigating the pandemic was a huge undertaking. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Business Journal, she said that, even though the pandemic threw a curveball in many major plans, she remains optimistic on multiple fronts. For example, the hospital looks forward to becoming a teaching hospital. “We’ve had plans for many years of introducing residents to patients because of the volume of patients we care for. It’s a great learning environment for new physicians, as the industry is facing a physician shortage,” she says.

In addition to becoming a teaching hospital, Lakeland Regional Health is also developing its Center for Behavioral Health & Wellness on its Medical Center Campus. Construction should be complete in 2022, and will enhance behavioral healthcare services in a safe, welcoming, and relaxed environment.

Lakeland Regional Health’s new Center for Behavioral Health & Wellness building will be designed around the therapeutic properties of natural light to reduce stress and encourage healing.

In her previous role as COO, Drummond operated and oversaw all branches of the hospital and navigated the complex business of health and safety. In 2018, she was selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the nation’s top 25 COOs in healthcare. This prestigious award commemorated the hard work and dedication to safety, efficiency, and growth that Drummond prioritized in all she did.

Lakeland Regional Health looks forward to the progression of vaccine distribution and acceptance in the Central Florida area. The hospital is passionate about mitigating coronavirus disease progression; Drummond and the leadership team have worked hard to position Lakeland Regional Health as a space for community outreach.

Elaine C. Thompson PhD, FACHE, Lakeland Regional Health’s former CEO, said that, “[Drummond] cultivates an environment of innovation and transformation, mindfully placing the patient and family at the heart of all she does.”