Originally Published in our November/December 2015 Issue

This drink recipe that is as stylish as it is delicious – perfect for ringing in the new year.


  • chilled champagne
  • rock candy swizzle sticks (We recommend gold or white so it won’t change the color of your champagne.)
  • fine colored sugar crystals 
  • 2 saucers
  • water


Place 2 tablespoons of water in the first saucer.

In the second saucer, place 2 tablespoons of colored sugar crystals.

Hold each champagne flute upside down by its stem, and carefully dip it into the water, so that only the top edge of the rim becomes moist. Be sure to moisten about a quarter inch of the rim.

Repeat this process with the flute in the second saucer, coating the rim of the glass in the colored sugar crystals.

At this point, you can slightly moisten a paper towel to tidy up the rim, if needed. Be sure to get any flakes that might have fallen into the glass.

Fill the flutes with champagne.

Garnish with rock candy swizzle sticks immediately before serving.


Prepping the glass in advance is helpful because it gives the sugar time to dry onto the glass, helping it adhere better during service.