Q&A with Instagrammer Marjan Conklin

Making room for your creativity can often be more rewarding than the fear holding you back. You never know who you’re inspiring along the way.

As the mom of two young boys, ages four and two, Marjan Conklin knows what it feels like to lose yourself in the job. So, a year ago, she logged on to Instagram with two purposes in mind: to give herself a creative outlet (the part-time RN has long been interested in fashion and home décor) and to share tips and ideas with a wider audience. “Becoming an influencer/blogger has allowed me to have an outlet where I can creatively express myself while also inspiring and being able to help others, especially other moms out there who may be in the same position as myself,” Conklin says. With more than 8,000 followers, the local creative says sharing is the best part. “I am a big believer that
if someone asks you where you got something, tell them. If you have something
that interests other people, share it!”


Why did you start utilizing Instagram/LikeToKnowIt?

I kept getting a flood of messages and calls asking for help with interior design ideas or tips on what to wear for an upcoming bachelorette weekend. I love being able to help or at least inspire in some way. And that is how I began. My husband had been telling me for years I should blog through Instagram, but I was apprehensive and, honestly, scared of rejection. So, one day after talking to a friend about possibly starting and seeing where it goes, I just started making posts. And my creativity started to flow. My affiliation with LTK began a few months after because of some awesome friends who messaged and told me and gave me the courage to apply.

How does content creation factor into your day?

Having two toddlers, I’ve learned that it is very difficult to post things that are “in the now,” so I have to be creative with any extra time that comes my way, whether it is creating content while they are in preschool, or while we’re on the go. I try to post things that are of interest to me — styles that are multifunctional, décor ideas for inspiration, and/or toddler styles for boys because, let’s face it, it’s hard to come by cute boy clothes.

Who takes your pictures?

My poor husband, Eric. I always tell him he brought the idea to me, so he has to partake in the picture-taking! But seriously, whoever is with me takes the pictures, so it’s usually my friends or family, and sometimes my four-year-old takes the photo if no one else is around.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start doing the same thing in our area?

My advice for others who are interested is just go for it! Don’t let fear of rejection stop you. And be yourself. You never know who you may inspire. And have fun! This is your platform, and you create what interests you.

How does Lakeland play a role in what you do?

My content is mostly taken around Lakeland. I love connecting with others in the community, and I also collaborate with businesses, such as Bella Visage, a medi-spa in downtown Lakeland. If I discover great coffee spots, cute brunch places, or kid-friendly hangouts, I want others to know about my finds as well.

What are some of your favorite local spots to take pics?

My newest favorite is The Joinery. I’m able to hang out with my kids and friends while also snapping a few content pics, so it’s a one-stop shop for me. The wall at Haus 820 is always fun with its pops of color, and The Poor Porker is amazing because of its eclectic vibe.