The creators of Giftful give us their top tech recommendations to add to your wishlist 

The season of gift giving is among us — t-minus 95 days until Christmas, but who’s counting? We get that gift giving, though a joyous experience, can also be a difficult task to navigate. How do you know that you’re truly gifting someone what they want? How do you know that someone else hasn’t bought it for them already, too?

Or maybe you’re on the receiving end. How do you effectively communicate your wishlist to your family and friends? How do you still keep the element of surprise when you open the gifts you asked for?

Well, Hannah and Cono Onorato have asked themselves these same questions. But instead of waiting around for the perfect digital wishlist to appear that filled all these needs, they decided to create one themselves.

Allow me to introduce Giftul.

Think about it like a Pinterest for birthday gift ideas, wedding registries, Christmas wishlist, and so much more. And it’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. You create a wishlist.
  2. Fill the list by pasting links to the gifts from anywhere on the web (Giftful takes care of loading the details that matter).
  3. And then share your wishlists for friends and family to claim.

Best Part: you won’t know who claimed the gifts until you receive them!

The creators of Giftful compiled a list just for Lakelander readers of some of their top picks for tech items to add to your holiday wishlist this year.

Check out why Hannah and Cono recommend these tech finds:

1. Amazon Alexa Show 

Alexa has become a staple in our home and the ultimate necessity for any tech nerd. We use her to listen to music, talk to loved ones, wake us up in the morning, be our kitchen timer, control our lights and thermostat, and so much more.

2. The Ember Mug

This has proved to be one of those things that you realize you can’t live without once you have it. The technology in this mug is incredible and keeps our coffee at the perfect temperature all morning long. No more trips to the microwave to heat up our cold coffee.

3. Apple AirPods & Air by Crazy Baby

We love listening to our Spotify playlists and Audible books through these fully wireless earbuds. Hannah prefers Air by Crazy Baby as they are more comfortable and have superior sound. Cono prefers the Apple AirPods because of their seamless way of syncing with his Apple iPhone.

4. Apple TV 

The Apple TV has taken over as our media source in our home. We not only love watching Netflix, renting movies, and listening to Pandora on it, but love getting together with friends and playing the party games available on it! (We’ve even developed a couple of our own games for it!)

5. Quip Toothbrush 

We’re both suckers for great branding and great technology. Quip has really brought those two things together very well with their electric toothbrush subscription plan. They’re beautifully designed, work well, and automatically send you refills every few months. We recommend the “Couple Set.”

6. Moment iPhone Portrait Lens

Hannah has an online fashion blog and I love to do photography. Moment is our favorite mobile lenses and provide an easy way to transform your iPhone into a more professional camera when traveling or on the go. We always stumble across cool locations or fun places to take photos, so having a lens that’s small enough to fit in your pocket is ideal!

7. Electric Boosted Board 

Though we don’t own a boosted board, we can dream. This is something that is definitely on our wishlist because it’s engineered extremely well and is insanely fun to ride. Plus it feels pretty futuristic cruising on a skateboard at 20 mph with just a remote in your hand.

8. Side Winder MacBook Charger Cable Holder

This cable holder is a life saver. It quickly winds up our MacBook pro cables and keeps them organized. This is ideal because we’re constantly grabbing our laptops and headed to coffee shops, meetings, etc. and without this handy little gadget, it’s easy to get our chargers all tangled up.


There are eight items you can go ahead and add to your own Giftful list! So, get to creating your Giftful account and get exactly what you want this holiday season.