Holiday travel can be everything but glamorous. Late flights, long lines, and large groups of hectic travelers only add to the oftentimes stressful experience of flying economy.

However, with the right preparation and supplies, flying economy can be a way more comfortable and organized experience. Here are six ways to upgrade your economy flight without breaking the bank.

  1. Spend more to save more: In some cases, spending a little more on economy with a more established airline is better than purchasing tickets with a low-cost airline, such as Spirit, where fees can add up to a more expensive final price.
  2. Arrive early and plan ahead: To take off unneeded pressure, arrive at the airport about two hours before your flight. Download a scannable boarding pass and keep your reservation code handy to ensure a smooth check-in and expedite your time through the security line.
  3. Pack comfy: Pack a soft and lightweight throw, neck pillow, and eye mask.
  4. Upgrade your entertainment: Pre-download your favorite movies, music, and television shows.
  5. Start your trip with a private lounge experience: Try purchasing a lounge pass subscription. Most of them, such as Priority Pass and Lounge Buddy, allow you to visit select airport lounges.
  6. Bring your own booze and snacks: The Carry On Cocktail Kit is the perfect way to enjoy a craft cocktail at half the price. Don’t settle for basic and overpriced in-flight snacks.Happy travels this holiday season!