Top Producers in Lakeland Real Estate

Paige Wagner, PWH Realty

Paige Wagner casts a vision for what a space could be to a potential buyer it becomes clear that buying and selling homes is not a science for her—rather it’s an art.

For the past 10 years, Paige Wagner Homes Realty has made a name for itself by providing high level customer service and expertise and a keen design eye that can rejuvenate a tired home listing or call out the potential of a home to a wide array of buyers.

Paige is naturally creative, as evidenced by producing the Lakeland documentary and art book “The People Who Live There” and her success in leading local home renovations.

“Each property is a canvas, with countless variables shaping its unique narrative,” she says. “For me, homes are more than structures; they’re the embodiment of our community’s spirit and a reflection of who we are.”

PWH Realty employs distinctive staging techniques and innovative marketing strategies to put homes at the top of potential buyers’ lists.  It’s no surprise that this boutique brokerage nestled in the heart of Lakeland is revered for its knowledge and expertise related to historic homes.

At the end of the day, Wagner says it’s all about meeting the specific needs of each client.

Above all, we prioritize our clients. We understand the significance of this decision in their lives, and it’s our unwavering commitment to put their needs first.

“Guided by a profound sense of responsibility, we navigate each step of the journey with integrity and empathy, ensuring that every individual we serve is guided from where they are to where they aspire to be,” she says.

Paige’s Top Tips for Buyers in Today’s Market


1 – Prioritize location.

Remember, you can renovate a house, but you can’t relocate it. In today’s market, placing value on location ensures long-term satisfaction with your investment.

2 – Don’t fear interest rates.

In a fluctuating market, don’t let higher interest rates deter you. Rates can be adjusted later, but seizing opportunities in a lower-priced market may not always be available to you.

3 – Invest in inspections.

Whether purchasing a pre-owned home or new construction, never skip a thorough home inspection. This small investment can provide substantial returns by identifying potential issues and minimizing risks down the road.


What’s the difference between what being a real estate agent is really like and what you thought it was going to be like?

Being a real estate agent is less about beautiful homes and more about managing the diverse personalities of people. As a broker, my primary role is to facilitate understanding and agreement among people from different backgrounds and with varied real estate experiences, guiding them toward their shared goals. While the homes are indeed pretty and fun to walk through, I’ve learned that real estate is fundamentally about empathy, communication, and creative problem-solving. I also believed I’d still enjoy watching HGTV shows, but that quickly became a thing of the past.


Paige Wagner

Paige Wagner Homes Realty



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