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Donyea Tollie

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The motto of the Rejuvenation Home team is “Take care of your space, so your space can take care of you.”

One recent client hired the experienced professionals of the Central Florida interior design firm so their space could take care of not only their family of six (including two dogs) but could also be an inviting escape for friends and family.

Rejuvenation Home updated the dining area, main living space, entry, hallway and powder bath for this vintage eclectic project.

Donyea Tollie, owner and designer, said she worked hard to convince the family to go with hued blue walls instead of a seemingly “safer” off-white option they were initially considering. The end result was exactly what Tollie was hoping for.

“If you ask the client, she now feels calm every time she walks into her home,” Tollie says.

Another big aspect of the project was incorporating furniture that said: “Come. Stay a while. Take a moment to breathe.”

“My goal was to create a place where they can come home and make themselves whole again, after shedding so much of themselves with work and the kids’ extracurricular activities,” Tollie says.

Every space the team tackles is different—in part because of the materials and inspiration of the home owners, but also because Rejuvenation Home works tirelessly to infuse the client’s personalities into the final product.

We knew we wanted to open up the area by knocking down the pony wall. This was a beautiful way to create a sense of openness and flow that draws people into your home by removing this barrier.

Always add life with real or faux florals and foliage. This pink rose bouquet was provided by the ladies over at Sara's Flower Fashions in Bartow.

Each piece is curated with our clients' personalities in mind.

We love to do a high-low mix of furniture and accents when styling. We paired the Woodbridge French style oval dining table with the Hooker host chairs and the designer style velvet side chairs. The side chairs create the perfect style juxtaposition to create the necessary friction needed for this eclectic combination.

We like to repeat design motifs in a space to create cohesion. These handles on the bar mimic the shape of the coffee table and also add some necessary texture.

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